Listen: “Go Alone” by Pacifico

“Go Alone” by Pacifico

Matthew Schwartz aka Pacifico delivers an uplifting and inspiring track with “Go Alone” that is sure to become an instant favorite. It blends his vocals perfectly with the indie rock soundscape that showcases dashes of grunge thrown in the mix. The track is honestly one of the best new singles out there, it embraces the fear that we all have of being alone and pushes us into moving on and moving forward into understanding that we are the main ingredient in all we wish to accomplish and all we need can be found at the reach of our hands. So be passionate about life, if you have goals and dreams well do all that is necessary to accomplish and make sure that you do something that makes you proud. Enjoy!

“In ‘Go Alone’ I am facing one of my biggest fears: being alone. This song is about finding the strength within yourself to keep going and to build something beautiful on your own.”Matthew Schwartz aka Pacifico

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