Listen: “Drift Apart” by Jordan Sleed

“Drift Apart” by Jordan Sleed

From San Antonio, Texas comes young singer/songwriter Jordan Sleed with his voice, an ukulele at hand and his single “Drift Apart” to capture your attention. He takes the concept of how relationships as they come to an end both parties start drifting apart softly, slowly but surely and then a time later catch each other’s glimpse and do nothing for fear of tarnishing a memory or who knows …simply fear that you were wrong. He gives us a youthful yet honest style of lyrics that come from reality and connect with us with ease. He does not make up fantasies and fiction, but evokes moments that feel so real to us as well and we can honestly say that we understand the pain, the remembering and the innocent smiles that were part of that past. So listen, enjoy and give room to this talented Texan to become your new favorite singer/songwriter.

Did you wanna show me what you look like now?
‘Cause I’d like to think I’ve crossed a mind once or twice
And maybe it’s not all bad
We used to give each other reasons to laugh like children always do
And now that laugh is just, “ha, I remember him” at the sound of my name…

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