Premiere: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever” by Radio Wolf

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever” by Radio Wolf

Oliver Blair aka Radio Wolf unites his musical prowess with the haunting vocals of Sarah Blackwood of Client and together they create something amazing in his latest single. “Rock’n’Roll forever” brings mesmerizing old school 80’s sounds bound together by lyrics that evoke a certain nostalgia to a different moment in time which is served on a silver platter with Sarah’s voice. They invite us to listen and to truly grasp each and every part of the indie pop/rock soundscape that they have created, there’s no going wrong here …you’ll fall in love with this gem for sure. It blends genres in ways that makes it so appealing for listeners of various musical backgrounds as they connect rock, pop and even electronica creating one unique and refreshing sound that is both retro and modern. So listen, enjoy and say hello to your new favorite obsession 🙂 .

“The key lyrics and the melody of this song came to me simultaneously. It’s a kind of Rock ’n’ Roll fable, Inspired by personal experience of love, loss and the determination to ‘rock on’.  I got the whole thing down in a quick burst of intense energy, which is the way I like to work. I don’t sit and brood about concepts for songs. They kind of come to me and I jump on them right away so’s not to loose the moment.” – Oliver Blair aka Radio Wolf

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