New Music Alert: “Bones” by Chinook

“Bones” by Chinook

Talented Dutch-Norwegian singer/songwriter Chinook shows the world that music does not know of age (she is only 19, and began her quest in music at 16) as she delivers a track that is truly an splendid example of indie pop. The track is real, inviting and filled with a mature lyricism that is refreshing to find as we are not only able to connect with her but even grow from the story she is setting for our senses to listen to. She embraces her search and finds something unknown and mesmerizing with “Bones”, from it she creates a soundscape that honestly rivals many of the big name artists already in the music scene. So make sure to keep tabs on this bright talent, because I can assure you that she is going places and one of those places hopefully will be a venue near me so that I can see and hear her take control of the stage. Enjoy!

“‘Bones’ is about finding yourself again when you’re lost, and about expressing your emotions in actions. I love the organic and simple sound of the song, it’s a perfect expression of my personality and my vocal style. I feel so honoured to have worked with The Nexus and Anu Pillai.” – Chinook

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