Listen: “This lonely town” by The Glass Child

“This lonely town” by The Glass Child

Charlotte aka The Glass Child delivers something bittersweet yet beautiful in “This lonely town”, and in a way it hits home for me. As someone who was a bit of a nomad growing up, I understand what it is to try to call a place home but never really quite feel it. Also I see that the track could not only evoke a sense of feeling misplaced but also of missing someone who is unfortunately gone as if you were a widow/widower. I leave this to you to find your story in between the verses and the melodies and allow the soundscape that was personal to her to create something personal for you. So listen, embrace it and feel the warmth of her voice and just enjoy a truly amazing song.

 “A place I tried to call my home, but never could. Spending quiet mornings in my window, watching the world go by, but mine had stopped.” – Charlotte about living in Hamburg, Germany

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