Listen: “Patterns” by Whoa Dakota

“Patterns” by Whoa Dakota

From Nashville, TN comes Jessica Ott aka Whoa Dakota with a masterful showcase of indie pop melodies, introspective lyrics and mesmerizing vocals in the form of her latest single “Patterns”. While the track is a personal trip through her life, she manages to connect the dots for us and we can’t help but feel invested as we are able to catch glimpses of our own stories, our own moments and the patterns that shaped us as they shaped her. The song is one that music lovers from a wide range of genres can fall in love with as she blends pop, r&b and even dashes of electronica and some folk-like storytelling. So listen, enjoy and fall into her soundscape as this must listen track envelops us and we are able to give her a smile for me know we are hearing the musical creation of an indie queen.

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