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“Salted Skin” by Handkerchief Thief

Wow! This track hits so deep and pulls you out of your comfort zone into a place where Sam McLaren aka Handkerchief Thief can be found with microphone in hand, lights are dim and it all begins and you are hypnotized by what takes place in front of you. “Salted Skin” is without a doubt one of the best musical debuts I’ve heard, I am really debating if it is not the best. There’s something so real and so unique about it that evokes feelings of lust, love, joy, sadness and a need to touch a skin that is far away. This track takes you places, you feels as if you are with Sam in one of his many trips that served as inspiration for his music and you see it …the moment where the ideas hit him and a light shines as bright as the sun and you just know something magical is going to happen. We are lucky enough to be able to experience first hand and together the rise of an artist that personally could mark a generation. Enjoy!

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