Cover: “I wanna dance with somebody” by Jackie Williams

“I wanna dance with somebody” by Jackie Williams

Powerful and thought provoking music video that speaks of a subject we seldom speak of due to it’s harsh and dark nature, but we must speak up about it and do something to not only prevent it but to stop it altogether. Jackie Williams lends his powerful voice and takes a song we all know by the legend that is Whitney Houston and he made it personal and changed it in a way that flows hand in hand with the visuals seen here. “I wanna dance with somebody” is clear and concise in its approach and is perfect for the video because in the end men and women want to dance with somebody who loves them because there’s a special warmth that can only be found there. Sometimes we are tricked, lied to or even forced into believing someone is that dance partner we were looking for. For some only the heart breaks, but for others the spirit could even end up breaking.

Human/Sex trafficking is what is shown in the video and yes it is real and could happen to anyone. We all have buttons that if pressed right could make us targets for someone in search for someone like you, me and everyone. There’s no exclusion list and everyone could be next. So take this as a wake up call and together we can ensure that this disease stops from spreading because not all free themselves from these shackles like the protagonist of this amazing must see music video.

*The Music Video seen above was based on true events – if you or anyone you know has been a victim of human/sex trafficking or know someone who has or is please raise your voice and/or look for help.

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