Music Video Recommendation: “The girl and the gunman” by RJ Thompson

“That feeling music gives you… the way it taps into your memory and reminds you what it’s like to be free and happy without the rules and restrictions of society was really important to highlight. I guess that’s the main theme behind it, for those few minutes you have a freedom, and that creativity and music can’t be oppressed.”

RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson hits the mark once more and creates a song and music video to go with it that are without a doubt works of art that will surely pull you in. “The girl and the gunman” is an indie pop gem that strays away from any safe zone and explores what’s beyond as it touches touches subjects that could make or break us. He explores the dual nature of hate and innocence (which is clearly evoked in the title) as he explains how one does not start with the other but sadly in society they unite as we grow and we learn what it is and make it part of us. Kids do not judge based on color, gender, religion or any other nonsense… but we as adults do and we teach them this. The sweet innocence is tarnished by our lack of maturity and understanding that differences are what make us unique and absolutely beautiful. This song invites the world to learn from children instead of us teaching them about all the degrees of hate. So listen, enjoy and please open your eyes to the world that surrounds us and ask yourself if there’s a reason to really hate anyone who is different from you?

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