Premiere: “Ghost Heart” by All the Rest

“Ghost Heart” by All the Rest

Exclusive premiere of an indie pop must listen gem by Senoia, Georgia based band All the Rest – say hello to “Ghost Heart” and enjoy the verses, the melody and the entirety of this amazing soundscape. I am honored to have been given the chance to be the home of a track that has all the makings of becoming a hit. It delivers modern day indie pop melodies with tunes that remind me of the great pop/punk bands that served as inspiration. The lyrics touch deep as we understand and know that we have been in love with someone whose heart was ghost or at least you know of someone (you know: the old I have a friend in that situation *wink wink*). Each sentence cuts deep as it creates a story in which we can easily become the protagonist or who knows maybe you were the antagonist … I don’t judge. So listen, enjoy and fall deep into a world this young band has created for music lovers to rejoice.

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