Listen: “Bolder” by Anna Dellaria

“Bolder” by Anna Dellaria

Singer/songwriter Anna Dellaria takes another firm step into the future as she continues to amaze with songs that hit the spot in a soothing and honest way that our hearts feel at ease while listening to her. “Bolder” is her latest creation and it is truly something beautiful, real and connects with the stories that surround us. This talented artist continues to embrace her calling as she moves forward maturing and evolving as a person, woman, artists and star in the making. So allow yourself to relax and simply let her voice caress you as you get a glimpse of something beautiful and amazing that starts to envelop you in a inexplicable warmth that can only be created by Anna. Listen, enjoy and fall in love with this one of a kind indie gem and a singer whose beauty oozes into her music.

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