Premiere: “Wise (When it’s so easy)” by Carly Taich

“Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do”

Carly Taich

Another amazing exclusive premiere graces Wolf in a Suit, this time is the indie folk/pop beauty of Carly Taich and the music video for her must listen gem “Wise (when it’s so easy)”. This truly talented singer/songwriter takes every single aspect into consideration and with assistance from many awesome people she creates a visually stunning experience that delivers an blend of color and black & white moments along with carefully choreographed movements that when all put together write a story for us to be hypnotized by. But not only are your eyes going to be thrilled but your ears will get a chance to hear verses that evoke truth and hit home in most if not all of us. She explores the world that surrounds her and with that in mind creates a song that is honest, truth and comes from a reality that connects with us in an instant. Enjoy!

Some important information about this one of a kind music video:

Directed by Carly Taich, CocoNuco, Adam McMillan

Filmed and Edited by Adam McMillan (AM Productions)

Choreographed by CocoNuco and Carly Hambridge

Costume Design by CocoNuco

Featuring: Arielle Pask, CocoNuco, Ian Stabler, Kayla Fitzpatrick, Meryll Davis, Isaiah Derricks, Carly Taich, and Carly Hambridge

In partnership with IAMAVL and the Asheville Area Arts Council

Song arranged and performed by Carly Taich (vocals, guitar), Jack Victor (drums, vocals), Zack Kardon (guitar, vocals), Alex Travers (violin), and Mike Johnson (bass)

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