“It seems just like an angel

Could stare forever in her eyes

I am pretty sure there’s no other

No other even beyond”


Talented Swiss singer/songwriter Barack delivers something amazing, needed and uplifting in every sense. With “Victory” he embraces life, love and the constant pursuit of happiness as his lyrics and melodies caress us and make us feel safe. We find a home within his soundscape and we get a better understanding of what love can involve ; it is the joy of being with someone special, fear of loosing that person and an inexplicable emotion that makes us complete. It brings us down to steady ground and reminds us that no matter the riches, the trophies and all the noise that is in the world – the biggest victory will be finding a person who can become a home to be safe in, a shoulder to rest our heads, an ear to listen to our stories, lips to keep us  quiet with a kiss, a voice to soothe us in an instant and a hand that you never want to let go. So keep your head high and reach for that victory that will make you proud to be yourself and that will fill the void in your heart with a beautiful and mesmerizing unknown feeling. Enjoy!

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