Premiere: “Plane Blue” by Sarah Lou Richards

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert” – Pat Conroy

Sarah Lou Richards

Can you feel the air changing? Do you hear the sound coming from a distance and invading your airwaves? You can, can you? It’s a bird, a plane, a goddess, a singer/songwriter, an artist capable of connecting with you and your stories while telling her own while understanding the humanity that must dwell in the lyrics that music deliver to us. The Nashville based Sarah Lou Richards brings a certain in your face rebell yell that delivers americana blended beautifully with blues and rock creating a one of a kind experience. Her latest gem “Plane blue” is truly one of the best songs you’ll hear and the music video is classic black and white filmed in a form that embraces the song in way that is subtle and mesmerizing. So let go of all you know and enter the realm in which this electric soundscape dwells. Enjoy!

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