Listen: “Under the sun” by Linn Koch-Emmery

“Under the sun” by Linn Koch-Emmery

Linn Koch-Emmery is a Swedish indie rock goddess who is going to take your heart and hide it under the sun to let it crisp and teach you a lesson about break ups and heartbreaks. Her latest track “Under the sun” is visceral, in your face and a perfect blend of grunge, rock and even a dash of punk rebelliousness that I love so much. The singer has a vibe about her that pulls you in and once you are in you simply don’t want to ever get out (also, why would you?). With a vocal capacity that is able to both caress you softly and slap you in the face with a brick from one second to the next, she is pure fire and one of the best examples of indie rock I’ve heard in a while. She does not sugar coated and gives it to you straight and with no holds barred – that is why this gem is described by her as “probably the most evil break-up song ever written” (it just might be and I love it). So listen and enjoy the amazing electricity that flows from this must listen track.

“Under the Sun is probably the most evil break-up song ever written.”

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