Music Video Recommendation: “Run like the River” by Natali Felicia

“…The citylights are getting weaker
While we’re drifting of away
The sea will keep on growing deeper
But I’ll be here, don’t be afraid…”

Natali Felicia

Swedish singer/songwrite Natali Felicia is one of the most exciting up and coming artists in the indie scene without a doubt. From the moment I heard this song I felt goosebumps and then you add the visuals and you are hooked for life. “Run like the river” is completely beautiful, honest and the right mix of outer worldly melodies and honest lyricism that knows when and how to hit the spot. She embraces each verse and allows her voice to invite us into the story she is telling, you walk slowly as in fear but find yourself understood as she dwells in the dynamic nature of the human spirit. Natali is sure to become a household nam and I for one am truly excited to see what will come from an artist filled with passion, honesty and that special unknown factor that separates the few from the many. Enjoy!

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