Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLVIII

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  • Macy Todd: Blues/pop and dashes of soul unite into a youthful, mesmerizing and honest soundscape that delivers lyrics that speak directly to the heart and to everlasting search for a love that is unlike any other.
  • Jeremy Shayne: Indie pop singer/songwriter Jeremy Shayne continues to showcase a talent and maturity that could definitely propell him to be the voice of a generation and his latest single is a fine example.
  • Benjamin James: Mesmerizing and definitely one of the best track to have been heard by this wolf this year, it blends the haunting vibe of the sounds, the inviting nature of the voice and the unique storytelling style of the lyrics perfectly.
  • Sean Christopher: Soft vocals that feel like a hole for our dreams and hopes as melodies and verses become one and we enter a unique and refreshing world that represents our path and our travels through youth.
  • Lord Willing: Old school sounds used perfectly in a way that embraces the charm of the past while also connecting with the stories and experiences of the present tat is simply beautifully done. 
  • Jocks: Catchy indie pop made to fill up a stadium for sure, the track caresses you softly and pulls you in within a second of its beginning and you don’t complaint because it is truly one hell of a soundscape.
  • Cassia: Indie pop/rock with something special about it that reminds me of the sound and the energy of Viola Beach. It creates a soundscape that will definitely pull you in and become yours.
  • Cards: Acoustic sounds blending with pop and rock creating an ethereal home for beautiful harmonies that embrace male and female vocals while they deliver the lyrics and connect with us.
  • Seyd: SEYD is truly one of those special artists who just clicks with the arrangements, the lyrics and every single aspect creating a song that is a must listen gem that I would highly recommend.
  • Paper Pilots: Playful, fin and utterly catchy soundscape that embraces the indecisive nature of young love and the many questions we ask while also deliver on truly amazing track that is sure to bring a smile to music lovers around the globe.

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