New Music Alert: “Heart breaks in bloom” by Argonaut & Wasp

“Heart breaks in bloom” by Argonaut & Wasp

Indie pop that knows how to get your body to move, groove and let go of all the rules that keep you tied down. A wonderful and hones story that pulls you to the dance floor to reminisce of the heartbreak that you once experience but this time to let go of it with a little dance. Playful and catchy melodies that strangely blend so well with the real and bittersweet lyrics creating a soundscape that inspires you to take a step forward into the unknown while taking each step with dance moves included. “Heart breaks in bloom” by Argonaut & Wasp is truly one of the best tracks you’ll ever hear and it is one of those that gets you excited for the music scene. So listen, shake you body a bit and definitely enjoy the sounds, verses and vibes of a must listen jam.

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