Featured Music Video: “Sleep Clinic” by Mind Cinema

“…Come get your own

You’ve got to feel it

It melts your face

Ahhhhh ahhhhh…”

Mind Cinema

Talented indie electro-pop trio from Monterrey, NL – Mexico that delivers refreshing and inspired beats, tunes, sounds and vocals that house lyrics that connect with the youth of today. “Sleep Clinic” by Mind Cinema is a gem that takes sounds a visuals into another level that separates them from the rest of the bands in the indie scene. They are currently on the path to release their third album by (hopefully) releasing a new single every month until the full release on April 2018. So while we wait for that time to arrive let’s enjoy this amazing music video and enter the soundscape they have created as we are hypnotized by the haunting vocals of Priscila Orfanos and the mesmerizing arrangements set in front of us by Gerardo Gamez and Humberto Garza. If you had heard them before then you already knew of their great sound, but if you have just discovered then Welcome aboard and become a fan as I have of a band that truly knows how to make something amazing. So listen, sing along if you wish and enjoy the magic, the sounds, the story of “Sleep Clinic” by Mind Cinema.

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