New Music Alert: “Magnificent” by Speak, Brother

“Magnificent” by Speak, Brother

“Magnificent” by UK indie band Speak, Brother is a must listen gem not only for the musical talent and passion it showcases but also for the beauty and inspiring truth that lies within the lyrics. The track touches us deeply from the moment it starts as it takes us away from the grey skies that some times dare surround us. We are transported to a world were we are able to see the true beauty that dwells in plain sight (but sadly we are sometimes to blind or too caught up in nonsense to see). It takes amazing vocals, well written verses and instruments that unite creating the perfect for dreams, innocence and a positive air that I hope you take with you after you listen to this work of art. So not only listen and enjoy, but live and rejoice for there are so many precious things waiting in the world for you to discover.

“Magnificent” is inspired by the beauty and innocence of a young child. A child that could be born into the worst of situations.. A bad tempered Dad, a broken family, poverty, school bullies etc. But this zooms in on the purity, the unadulterated innocence that is born in every human. So small and precious, yet completely unaware of just how beautiful and important that is.

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