Music Video Recommendation: “June” by Banfi

“The biggest inspiration was the song itself, I really wanted to try and communicate the mood and energy of the track, and depict this fictitious character of ‘June’ in a interesting way. I wanted her to feel like a real person in the video, so I purposefully cast a non-dancer and didn’t use a choreographer in order to portray someone who felt more real. She appears like a fantasy in the video, a distorted memory of the songwriter. I purposefully wanted to do something stripped back and simple like a lot of music videos from the MTV era, the tone itself is inspired by videos from people like Peter Gabriel, Genesis, other bands from that era, and Banfi themselves, who bring a lot of their own personality into the film.” – Jake Dypka


Have you ever heard a song that from the very first second you already know that it is one of the best things you’ve heard? Well, now you have and it’s all thanks to U.K. band Banfi and their latest amazing union of sounds and visuals in the shape and form of the music video for “June”. The track is seriously infectious, catchy and so inspiring and mesmerizing in the way the band, June and the colors become part of this work of art in front of us. The guys have hit gold with this must listen gem as it is so real and easy to connect for we can see and hear a reflection of ourselves in the story that dwells within the verses and melodies. June is creation of fiction and an amalgamation of many, but it is also you, me and everyone as we traverse the ups and downs of life and love. Enjoy!

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