KAABOO del MAR 2017

Amazing, inspiring and a once in lifetime experience that I want to repeat every year now – that’s KAABOO for Wolf in a Suit now. The experience was a mix of seeing it through the eyes of Mitchell Straub (Photographer extraordinaire) and the amazing live stream provided by LiveList. It truly were three days packed with music, food, life and an inspiring dash of magic and energy that served to motivate this Wolf to aim higher and to always bring amazing indie music to your ears (along with some big name acts that I am sure you won’t complain about).

Each day at Kaaboo was just the right mix of Headliners who are loved by all and up and coming acts that are already capturing the attention of listeners. They provided people a place to let go of the rules and be free as the enjoy great grub options, some laugh out loud comedic acts, inspiring art, a chance to relax and of course music for every music lover. There was no going wrong here, from watching one of my favorite big name bands (looking at you Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Weezer, X Ambassadors, Garbage, etc), to indie acts I desperately needed to find ( Luna Aura, The Last Internationale, Tristen, etc) and indie stars that I’ve had the pleasure to feature already (Armors, Milky Chance, Lost Beach, etc).

I can honestly say that Mitchell and I are still filled with the vibes, the energy and the pure awesomeness that was felt each day and that we are pumping ourselves up for 2018 because we are sure that it is just going to get better and better (like a true one of a kind fine wine). So drink up the electricity, the positive air and look into the future that should include for you to go because you…yes you, the person reading this…you should be there next year – if you are, I promise you’ll hang out with the Wolf in a Suit ;).

If I were to grade this festival it definitely gets A+ all around, so get ready and see you there …Next Year … KAABOO del Mar 2018 here we go!!!

Some Music Videos:

KAABOO del Mar 2017 Playlist

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