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“…’Cause deep in our hearts

Know we the travel

It’s hard waking up

With so much in my head…”


Talented singer/songwriter Kalpee comes to Wolf in a Suit from the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain and he does not miss a beat or an inch of the bittersweet verses that flow through this amazing track. “What about us” is real and does not hide itself from what goes around in the world, it understands that life sometimes takes you away from somebody in order to grow. Maturity, experience and becoming a better version of yourself comes with a price and it can break your heart, but its all about understanding that whoever is meant to be with you will be there with you. Distance, time and anything that steps in front of you are necessary to see a glimpse of what is waiting at the end of the road. You might ask yourself from time to time what happened to us (remembering a relationship long gone) and that is perfectly fine but learn to see that the past is behind and what matters is what’s front of you. So listen, enjoy and dive deep into a soundscape of something mesmerizing.

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