Music Video Recommendation: “Warriors” by Tigertown

“When Imogen came to us with the idea for the video, we loved that it focused on the deeper meaning of the song,” Tigertown remarked about the video, “We imagined fireworks and dancing when we wrote it, but there are also some darker emotions at the song’s core. We feel the video captures both sides beautifully. We also got very good at jumping backwards onto safety mats.”


How can you make an already amazing track even better? … by adding visual that compliment it beautifully in a music video that is both mesmerizing and inviting from beginning to end. So listen and see and just fall in love with “Warriors” by one of the brightest talents to arrive from down under, Tigertown.

Music Video info:

Director : Imogen Grist

Producer : Erin Moy

DOP : Grégoire Lière

Production Company : Entropico –

To read more about the song click below (first listen)

First Listen:

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