Listen: “The Sound” by Noah Gundersen

“The Sound” by Noah Gundersen

Honest verses and emotions have a voice that will get them heard with talented singer/songwriter/indie rocker Noah Gundersen and his amazing single “The Sound”. With this beautiful, powerful and everlasting must listen gem/anthem for the unheard and for the ones in fear, doubt and feeling lost here comes an artist who understands you and knows you. He knows that humans are fragile and we all feel fear, anxiety, desire, lust and love. He will not dance around you, he brings something true to you and your senses so that you can understand my friend that we are simply waiting for the sound to arrive and hit us when we least expect it. So enjoy this amazing track and fall for your new favorite artist (plus you can enjoy the music video for this amazing gem below).

“…Nothing ever comes, ever comes if you call it
Choking like a dog, like a dog on a collar
Open up your mouth, your mouth if you want it
Listen for the sound, the sound, the sound is coming down…”

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