Listen: “You and Drugs” by The Federal Empire

“You and Drugs” by The Federal Empire

The guys of The Federal Empire explore life and their experiences and always manage to create gems that are not only must listen beauties of music but also stories that hit right in the spot. “You and Drugs” takes all the relationships in which we stayed a week/month/year too long claiming it was real but in the end it was poisonous and simply a quick fix. It takes the weakness that we all posses as people and showcases a vulnerability that is what makes us unique and able to grow old with many stories to tell (not all fun and dandy as we would probably like). The song also invites us to take a deep look inside and decide if where we are standing now and with who we truly want or if we are wasting time waiting for a change. Take a hit of it and it all goes away, but remember that they are only that end up fading into nothingness. Take pride in yourself and search for the real thing, for the drugs are only a second and not a lifetime. Enjoy!

“…I can feel your poison in my veins
And still I keep coming back again
Will I ever quit I ask myself
I’m slowly losing hope here in this hell…”

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