Jade Bird

Up and coming singer/songwriter Jade Bird brings stories, emotions and music back to the indie scene in a way that is mature, honest and heartfelt. Her EP Something American is a gift for all music lovers around the world, it carries 5 songs that can easily overtake any full length album in an instant as she does not fall for the theatrics but instead for what truly matters. Each song is a piece of her and a story to be told and to be heard if you are lucky enough to stumble unto her mesmerizing talent.

“…We knew each other when we were very young
High school sweethearts, or something American
Now we’ve become older I only see photos
She’s what I thought, something American
Something American…”

Truly I can say I am fan, there’s no reason to deny it as this talented artist is one of those beautiful stars that shines the brightest when the night comes knocking around. Her voice is both human and ethereal, her melody focused and straight to the heart and soul and her verses are both personal and inviting. I find it practically impossible to really pick a favorite track as each of them creates a soundscape that captivates and captures a certain essence of life perfectly. So why choose when I can just applaud each of them for the beautiful creations they are. Keep tabs on Jade because she is truly a refreshing and unique talent that is bound to conquer your heart and the world. Enjoy!

“…One minute, you told me two lies
That you love me and it was you and I
One minute, I came to see
Half a man of what you used to be…”



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