Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLVII

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  • FYOHNA: Heartfelt and honest track by one of the best indie pop duos out there in the indie scene, listen and fall in love with a soundscape that will touch you in your heart and soul.
  • YOUTH: Mature and true lyrics that does not set fantasies for us to dream about, but a reality that we can connect with and a melody that is truly amazing.
  • FM-84 ft. Ollie Wride: Taking the best parts of the 80’s into its creation and blending it with one of the best voices you’ll hear they have created a gem.
  • Jynjo: Bouncing through the melodies and the verses she allows her voice to bring raw emotions that grab us out of nowhere and we are hooked by her soundscape.
  • Best Behaviors: Catchy, playful and with a certain unknown that creates a story for us to dive into as soon as the track begins and we find ourselves moving to the rhythm of this gem.
  • VISSIA: Bluesy and magical in a way that is sure to haunt us and hypnotize us as we fall for the reality that dwells in each and every word that unites and creates sentences that pull us in.
  • Medic: Did you feel the goosebumps? I bet you did – there are simply natural and bound to come with the beautiful bittersweet melody that has been set forth in front of us to know that music is in good hands.
  • Woolbright: There’s something so raw and at the same time so fragile in the vocals that simply caress and pull you in to truly listen and understand the story that is found in the song.
  • Ilustrada: Indie folk that remain true to the genre as it magically perfect in the art of story telling, it paints a world for us to fall into and see it as unfold hand in hand with the verses and the melody.
  • Rah Rah: Youthful and charming romanticism delivered by a talented young singer/songwriter who blends fun, passion and honesty in her creations making her a future powerhouse.

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