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“…I get a little punchy with the vodka just like my great uncle Valentine Jester did
But he had to deal with those people like you who made no goddamn common sense
I’d rather walk all the way home right now than to spend one more second in this place
I’m exactly like you Valentine, just come outside and leave with me…”

The National

Are you sitting down? Are you holding a drink? …set it down…why? you ask…Well, press play and you’ll know why. Isn’t it amazing, beautiful and truly mesmerizing how “Day I die” by one of the most talented bands out there takes shape and form and surrounds you with a soundscape made of honest verses and touching melodies. The National hits the spot from the very first second and I am in love and in awe with what makes this song so magical. It is not about fantasies and make belief, but about a careful and honest inspection of the self and where will we all be when it ends. It’s tragically but hauntingly human and unlike anything else, I’ve heard out there. This track is truly deserving of being called a must listen gem that if I see you on the street I would say to you: “You gotta listen to this, it’s going to blow you away”. So just listen and enjoy!

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