New Music Alert: “Lights in the City” by The National Parks

“Lights in the City” by The National Parks

There’s something so youthful, so mysterious and at the same type filled with hopes and dreams that could see life once lights in the city shine bright through the night. The National Parks deliver an splendid must listen gem with “Lights in the City”, they embrace their heart and let it speak. They touch the unknown nature of love, life and all that surrounds it and create verses and melodies to go along while pulling us into a soundscape that feels so familiar and so warm. There’s no denying it that this song speaks and sings to us for we understand that there’s always a little chaos and uncertainty in certain periods in life, but that’s what makes it so amazing and beautiful. So jump into it without looking at the rule book and simply enjoy this gem and enjoy the magic and unknown nature of life because you are the only one who is prepared for what is to come to your story.

“​I wrote ​Lights in the City ​soon after I’d graduated and moved from ​a college town to a bigger city. ​I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and seemed to be on the cusp of a new one. ​So it was definitely a time of transition for me but that whirlwind feeling wasn’t all negative, most of it was actually really exciting. And the energy of the city kind of ​came to embody that for me: all the messy chaos and beauty of a really important but uncertain time in my life.” – Brady Parks

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