New Music Alert: “Goodbye, Sweet Mango” by Valley Hush

“Goodbye, Sweet Mango” by Valley Hush

Unique lyrics and inviting melodies and with a name that simply stands out from the moment you see it, the enigmatic duo known to the world as Valley Hush arrive once more to Wolf in a Suit after a long period of this wolf longing for more sounds, melodies and verses from them with their latest single. And with that feeling of longing and missing they created the soundscape that makes up “Goodbye, Sweet Mango” and created a must listen gem that I highly recommend. It carries within it a sense of peace, a soothing touch and a story that we can connect with because there’s always a moment in life in which we long for for someone far away. What makes it truly beautiful is that they understand that it does not always have to be romantic, you can miss friends, family and even someone who touched your life once. So fall into the deep end of the pool and come out with this beauty filling up your senses. Enjoy!

This is a song about longing. Longing for a place and loved ones that are so far away, they feel like only a dream. There are no words that can describe being so deeply connected to a place on the other side of the world from you. There are no words to describe the feeling of saying goodbye to people you love and admire, and not knowing when you will see them again. So here is an attempt to capture the feeling in a song. – Valley Hush

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