Listen: “Demon to the Dark” by Son Little

“Demon to the Dark” by Son Little

Beautifully honest and mesmerizing, Son Little delivers a much needed dose of truth and self-exploration with his must listen gem “Demon to the dark”. He does not sugar coat a thing, he enters through the doors of our senses with verses that speak truly about life, grow, redemption and forgiveness. There’s no need to make an effort to try to listen for we are immediately pulled in and we pay attention to every little thing being said throughout the lyrics as they feel so real that we end up believing we are surrounded by the story that dwells here. We understand the pain and sadness that is shown in the voice for they are part of the search for redemption and begging for forgiveness. Not only but he understand and so do we that all this caused by us and no one else, we seek forgiveness because we did wrong – we need redemption because we lost ourselves to whatever darkness that lies waiting. Hands down one of the best songs you’ll hear, enjoy!

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