New Music Alert: “Subtitles For X, Y, Z” by CREO

“Subtitles For X, Y, Z” by CREO

Australian indie rock band CREO delivers a track that everyone must hear because it is a beautiful and amazing reminder to love and accept ourselves for what/who we are. They honestly made me feel goosebumps because it just hits the spot, specially in this moment when the world seems to want to go to shit and to a state of mind that is truly moronic and imbecile. “Subtitles For X, Y, Z”  is one of the best songs out there nowadays, I can recommend this song without even thinking about it twice. So listen to this masterpiece and really grasp each verse that fills this soundscape and understand that you are amazing the way you are with all your quirks  and little things that make you unique. Love yourself first and then make sure to add this amazing track into your playlists. Enjoy!

“We all go through the process where age and experience starts to skew the innocence and purity of our natural habits and emotions. I remember vividly the first time I fell in love or even lust, and it was a simple feeling, it just came over me, I didn’t think about the alternatives and possible scenarios, I just accepted the feeling for what it was. Nowadays, I battle with myself, to avoid certain feelings and thoughts because of past experiences. ‘Subtitles for X, Y, Z’ is all about getting out of your own head, fucking off agendas and accepting that those innocent quirks you try to hide need to be loved by yourself, first and foremost.”- Jorjee Haman (Front Man)

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