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Music Video Recommendation: “Heart Smiles” by Jae Jin

Heart Smiles is about the power of selflessly loving someone regardless of the outcome. At its core, love assured the continuity of heart smiles throughout life.

Jae Jin

Talented singer/songwriter Jae Jin delivers and beautiful, sweet and inviting song with his latest musical creation “Heart Smiles”. With it he touches our hearts and souls and invites us to live, to smile and to love as life is short, so why not live it while giving our all for love without expecting a recompense. He delivers a playful and soothing melody that unites itself perfectly with the lyrics creating a soundscape that is easy to fall for. Not only that but by adding the visuals of the music video we are able to fully grasp the magic of each verse and each moment that inspired this gem. So take a minute and sit down, press play and just listen as you are transported inside this world make sure to hold the hands of that person you hold dear. Enjoy!

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