Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLVI

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  • The Attic Sleepers: Listen to a must listen gem that has a way of soothing you as well as filling you up with an energy unlike anything else you’ve ever felt provided by Danish duo The Attic Sleepers. Enjoy!
  • Museums: Led by front woman Chelsea and with an energy and intuitive lyricism that pulls you in within seconds of the tracks starting – Museums has the magic to get you going.
  • Beachwood Coyotes: Socially conscious and so easy to dive into and grasp the lyrics and melodies as they deliver a message that is meant to be heard and understood united with catchy hooks and fun melodies.
  • Laikipia: The amazing electro pop duo known as Laikipia deliver an inspiring and positive soundscape that has a way of grabbing you by surprise and setting a smile on your face as you simple fall into their world.
  • Garden City: Two talents, two cities and one band to unite them – Garden City brings an honesty, a soul and a heart that music needed desperately to connect with music lovers around the globe once again like it did before.
  • Anna Mae: Nashville based singer/songwriter Anna Mae delivers a bouncy and playful critique of what many do nowadays: communicate by cellphone only and hiding behind screens without caring to make an effort to really connect with someone else.
  • Saile: Beautiful and heartfelt indie folk/Pop gem that touches the heart and soul of the listener pulling him/her into a story filled of love, humanity and a never ending will to push forward for the one you love.
  • Midnight Divide: Haunting and electric indie rock soundscape that makes you feel as if you were being pulled to a surreal realm where reality, fantasy and music collide becoming one majestic creation.
  • Duncan Fellows: Growing up, moving on and leaving things behind are a bittersweet situation in which we will end up finding ourselves as that step is a necessity for everything in live. So do it with an amazing track that is sure to become the soundtrack of those moments. 
  • Home State (MATES Remix): Hands down one of the best remixes you’ll hear and from one of the best up and coming indie pop bands coming to fill your room with melodies and lyrics straight from New York.

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