Featured Music Video: “Bright Eyes” by Sleeptalk

 “It’s about being with the girl you have wanted to be with for so long and realizing you both were meant to be together.


First of all I have to admit that I am huge fan of the whole live music setting in a music video, how they blend live show clips and their daily lives in a way that connects with the story of the track is just amazing. Sleeptalk delivers another indie punk/pop gem with “Bright Eyes” and it is a must listen track that once you hear it, it will not go away. Plus the guys tell a story with the lyrics and melody of the song and you feel the emotions, the moments and everything that lead to what is going on within this soundscape. It is a love story that takes a person from being an spectator from afar wishing and wanting someone they loved for so long to finally getting there and realizing that both wanted the same. Maybe you found yourself, maybe you are there, or maybe you dream of it – but whatever it is you connect with “Bright Eyes”. Enjoy!

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