New Music Alert: “Million Bucks” by Smallpools

“Million Bucks” by Smallpools

Smallpools has quickly become a favorite of Wolf in a Suit, the reason being that the guys have fun and dance around different genres and simply focus on creating great songs. A “Million Bucks” is another gem that is part of their latest The science of letting go EP and it truly is something special. Just listen to the sweet pop and rock sounds that flow through this soundscape delivering lyrics that click and inspire you. The track reminds us of the things that matter in life, it’s not the money you have but the people you surround yourself with. If there’s someone you would bet all you have on then you better make sure that person knows how important they are to you. So listen, enjoy and grab on to that special person and sing along as together you feel like a million bucks and give no fucks.

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