New Music Alert: “Silent Ones” by Sleeping Wolf

“Silent Ones” by Sleeping Wolf

Can you feel it? That strange electricity crawling down your back filling you with a need/a wish to scream and to let go of all that pulls you down. That strange electricity is provided by one of my favorite duos/bands out there, Sleeping Wolf and their latest track “Silent Ones”. A song that came to life due to anger and frustration of the current political climate, it invites the world to rise up as a call of action and also as a medium to vent all the angst that currently fills us up. Jake Newton and Steven Solomon understand the emotions that are part of us and keep an open eye to the world that surrounds them and they deliver a track based on reality and not the typical fantasy that sometimes dwells in music. I applaud them for this, because by being honest they give us a soundscape that is both inspirational and a escape for us to finally scream out for everyone to notice us, the silent ones. So listen, enjoy and vent with this amazing track.

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