New Music Alert: “Binary Eyes” by Crystal Cities

“For the ‘Binary eyes’ music video I wanted to display a slight amount of satire, this being the historical statues with ‘modern-day’ quirks, to bring a lightness to the more serious themes the song presents. My interpretations of the themes being ‘we all made up of the same essential things, a brain, heart, curiosity’ and ‘the frightening feeling that we’re only a narcissistic speck of dust in the universe’, these lead me to my inspirations which were; ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ’.” – Vittoria Merlino Dentice (Director)

Crystal Cities

Mesmerizing and alluring melodies and lyrics that flow gracefully through the airwaves, and with the addition of the enticing visuals of the music video it simply becomes a perfect escape into a soundscape created by Crystal Cities with the helping hand of director Vittoria Merlino Dentice. The band delivers something magical and inviting that pulls the viewer/listener into a refreshing, hypnotizing and unique world that strangely becomes our home with an inexplicable ease. Plus in the end we end up asking questions and with a hunger to wonder and discover all that surrounds us and what the world is made of. So have fun, enjoy one of the best new tracks/music videos and make sure to follow an indie band that is already set in the path to greatness.

“Binary Eyes explores ideas about what reality is and how our subjective consciousness plays a role in determining that. It also questions subjective consciousness itself; do we have control over what we think and feel or has our ever-shifting paradigm of reality been pre-constructed for us to passively live out?”

Geoff Rana, singer/songwriter for Crystal Cities

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