New Music Alert: “Bad Habits” by Ruben Young

“Bad Habits” by Ruben Young

Singer/songwriter Ruber Young has a knack for creating soundscapes that are bound to become must Listen hits. His latest gem “Bad Habits” is a nice dose of pop/soul/RnB and personal experiences coming together into a world that you can see a reflection of yourself. There’s no denying that you first get hooked by that splendid voice and then you listen and you find yourself and a past (or current) experience flowing through the lyrics. This talented Canadian artist delivers an ode to all those bad habits that we have been caught up with and we unite and sing along because we understand and know what this entails. As dangerous as things may be, we get caught in the fire because like a moth we were attracted to the flame only to burn our wings out if we stayed too long. So listen, enjoy and decide for yourself if you are caught in bad habits today. 

“I wrote it in the fall of 2015, following my “relapse” for a girl I’d been chasing since I was 16 years old. She’s never been good for me, and I’ve known it all along. We kept our ‘relationship’ a secret, and it became more of an affair. She was my forbidden secret – my bad habit. 7 years later, it all came crashing down. I think everyone’s guilty of falling for someone who they couldn’t get over; even though they knew they needed to. For me, she was dangerous, and I loved that about her.”

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