Listen: “Going Back to Bowenville” by Stu Larsen

“Going Back to Bowenville” by Stu Larsen

There’s something so magical, so haunting and simply so human about “Going back to Bowenville” by Stu Larsen. It is one of those tracks that reminds you of home, of that place where you feel secure and at ease, your very own Bowenville. He understands that as much as we explore and travel around the world seeking new thrills and adventures we always need a place in which we can arrive and simply be ourselves without a second thought. He embraces that side of our human heart, that small weakness that in reality is our strength for we keep that safe haven inside our hearts as the final destination where we can arrive and feel at home again. Thank you Stu for reminding us that there’s always a place that is waiting for us, where people know our names and where we can lay down and rest and know that we are safe. Enjoy!

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