New Music Alert: “Least He’s Happy” by Callum Pitt

“Least He’s Happy” by Callum Pitt

Callum Pitt is one of those artists who understands people and the ups and downs of life – he sets them on pen and paper and creates music that pulls you in with ease. His latest single “Least he’s happy” explores the science of growing up and letting go with a maturity beyond his years that is astounding. Within the lyrics and the melodies we understand that not everyone in our lives will be there for the whole show, some come and go and some remain but that’s how it is. We can think of past loves, childhood friends, or coworkers who were nice during the time you spent there but they come and go and all we can hope is that at least … they are happy. So listen to this song and smile at those memories and wish them the best because they were part of your story and might have been part of setting you to be who you are today. Enjoy!

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