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Music Video Recommendation: “Truth or Dare” by Nora Rothman

“Truth or Dare” was the first song I ever wrote on a ukulele. I don’t think I even knew any chords. I sat down in my childhood bedroom and three hours later it was done. I never touched it again.

Nora Rothman

Beautiful and honest in a way that allows the song to connect with us in a natural manner. Nora Rothman blends a playful spirit with a taste of sweetness, charm and even a slight dose of sensuality that feels real for it comes from the heart and from the beauty that is part of her. “Truth or Dare” is one of those songs that has a grasp of human nature and does not try to be more than that because it comes from experiences and questions that we might ask. I love the childlike manner in which she questions this mysterious figure offering the chance to say the truth or accept the dare which in the end will make her happy anyways. Nora takes a firm step into the nature of love and the questions that come with it and she allows us to know that like us she wants, needs, questions and lives this wonderful experience. Plus the nature of this video is so beautiful because it shows visuals and images that embrace the lyrics to perfection. Listen and enjoy!

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