Music and Fashion: GALLO


Talented, beautiful, seductive and utterly mesmerizing – these are just some words to describe your latest musical obsession: GALLO. This up and coming American-Lebanese solo artist recently made her debut with the surreal magic that is “Sugar Daddy” and then followed that gem with a song that is sure to captivate as well, “Truth or Dare”. She’s got the music covered splendidly with alternative melodies that play with modern pop and electronica while also blending with other sounds creating her own alternative realm. But this is a music and fashion post right? Well just look at her, she’s got something special about her that makes each moment a memory worth keeping and she is bold, brave and willing to explore new threads and styles playing with modern and vintage looks that strangely go hand in hand with her soundscape and that is wonderful to see in the current music scene . 

GALLO is taking the right steps with visuals and sounds ensuring an experience that is everlasting and will definitely be engraved in the minds of all who have the pleasure to hear and see her. So listen, enjoy, and be inspired by an artist who is sure to turn heads in the coming years. 

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Show some love: The Hype Machine

I’m so in love with the Sugar Daddy music video. It directly plays on the message I want my fans / viewers to receive which is to live boldly, fearlessly and never let go of your imagination. The director, Nadia Lee Cohen, had a major part in making my vision come to life. She is such a brilliant creative, who is actually an inspiration to me. When I first found her on Instagram, I was blown away by her style and work, and we instantly became friends. The music video began coming to life when I was writing the song, as whenever I write a song, certain colors, textures, movements, and concepts paint themselves in my mind so I always saw “Sugar Daddy” as being very cartoonish, very bold and bright in colors, with a 1950s / 60s vibe. Also, fantasy always plays a big role in my imagery. I want to create a world for my fans to escape to with me when watching my videos, a world that always leaves them wanting more and wondering what’s around the corner.