Listen: “Flashback” by Bien

“Flashback” by Bien

Nashville based indie pop trio Bien take feelings, emotions, stories and they blend the known and the unknown into beautiful music creating “Flashback”. With this track they explore the realm of memories and how they can hit you out nowhere bringing with them all the emotions that where felt the moment they happened. Plus it’s a catchy, inviting and a well set up puzzle on which each piece fell perfectly uniting lyrics, melody and vocals making for a mesmerizing soundscape. So take a listen of what this talent filled Nashville trio has created and enjoy it.

“There are those moments when out of nowhere you’re hit with all of the emotions, feelings, and memories that remind you of a person or time in your life,” reflects Bien’s Jessie Early. “There’s always those people that you just can’t shake. ‘Flashback’ to us was always that sensory-overload of emotion.”

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