New Music Alert: “Little White Lies” by BATTS

“Little White Lies” by BATTS

BATTS has a unique grasp of the reality of the world and the subtle actions we do each and everyday without noticing, she embraces all that makes us human whether good or bad and gives it music to flow with ease from listener to listener. Her latest single “Little White Lies” takes a hold of the truth that walks in our shadows and she brings light to it reminding us of a secret that has been so well hidden we had forgotten about it. The peculiarity that every one of us has turn those little white lies that we claim can’t hurt even a fly into a part of what we consider normal, it comes to us so naturally now that we see it as breathing and can even be called instinct. Whether to protect ourselves, to hide something or simply because we are slightly ashamed of the truth we tell these lies and move on to live one more day with the short moment of fantasy that lie brought. So pay attention, listen and enjoy!

Little White Lies just came out all at once, it’s about how pretty much every interaction with anyone seems to be filled with these little white lies, whether it’s just easier to reply ‘Good’ when someone asks you how you are, or being late and making up a little white lie to cover your back. The world is filled with them and I don’t think we even realize we are doing it anymore, whether it’s a stranger or someone close to you, it just happens.BATTS

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