New Music Alert: “No Money No Problem” by Hot Collars

“No Money No Problem” by Hot Collars

Hot Collars does it once again, they have created another must listen jam that just knows how to put a smile on your face. Their latest gem “No money No problem” is catchy, upbeat and just so light and happy that it makes you happy and invites your body to dance around or jump into the water and enjoy the summer that is at hand. Whoever they are, wherever they may be, they certainly know how to get you pumped and have a way of reminding you that the simpler things in life are the ones that are worth the most. They bring back a certain sense of peace as we are reminded that things like love, a smile, a hand holding yours, a kiss, and  an awkward moment that becomes a funny annectodes for the future are free, not even a penny has to be spent for them and they make us feel something that nothing bought could ever aspire to do. So listen, enjoy and turn this must listen track into the anthem for your summer.

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