New Music Alert: “Judy French” by White Reaper

“…Stop, read my message and tell me what you think
Oh girl, let me lean close, listen to your heartbeat…”

White Reaper

White Reaper + Alexandra Daddario = one of the best and most fun music videos I’ve seen in a while. The guys share the stage with Alexandra as she personifies each one of them throughout the music video showcasing something surprising- if she had gone for music she definitely would have been one hell of an amazing performer (and now I secretly want her to be in band). I am particularly a huge fan of the fact that she has fun and truly seems to enjoy the moment and each character she becomes as she plays the guitar, the keyboards, the bass and the drums. Plus there’s something effortless and inviting in the approach as the band and her flow naturally throughout this well thought showcase of visuals and music creating a must have experience for music lovers.

Throughout the song we hear a certain message specially created for the mysterious “Judy French” and it is a blend of romanticism and begging for a chance to be seen, heard and to listen to her heartbeat. The track is lyrically easy to connect with and musically electric and made up of the unknown magic that makes songs be more than great, turning them everlasting. So listen, enjoy and add this fantastic band into your playlists, your hearts and of course all over the place because they surely are on the way to becomingThe world’s best American band.

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