Listen: “Hunter” by Rumours

“Hunter” by Rumours

Italy meets Norway meets the mystic of the city of London and you get an ethereal musical trio that goes by the playful name of Rumours. The enigmatic ensemble continues to take the world by storm with their latest creation, “Hunter” (which actually was one of the first songs they wrote together). They say the following about the track: “it’s about knowing when to walk away from something that is not good for you”. After listening to it, I agree – there’s something more there too, for it delivers a beautiful invitation for the senses to dive into a world they have created. Plus the harmony and balance between the male and female vocals are splendind and the electronica infused with pop is so beautifully done that it even gives you goosebumps when you hear it. So let yourself step away from the rules and listen and connect to the cosmopolitan vibes and human experiences that make up this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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