Listen: “Hands tied” by Billy Lockett

“Hands tied” by Billy Lockett

Billy Lockett delivers a heartbreaking, visceral and honest song about letting go from the ghost you had become for a love that was not real to once again move on in life and learn from the past that is finally letting you breath and take steps forward. “Hands tied” is a beauty to hear, to enjoy and to feel for it is a real showcase of emotions and memories that are so human. You might see a reflection of a memory in it or maybe not but it will still touch your heart and your soul. Billy you master, you Music man, you genius … you’ve created a soundscape that casually and with ease can firmly grasp the heart of the human existence and the bittersweet magic of love, letting go and growing up.

Hands Tied is about coming to your senses after being in a brain washing relationship. I love it because it’s about accepting that you lost yourself and did some things that were out of character but you are now ready to move on and learn from the mistakes. It’s the song I’m most proud of writing

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